Urban Area Master Plan - The Westobou Vision

Master Plan Overview

Unveiled in February 2009, the overarching goal of this 20 year Plan is to develop and realize a shared vision for both Augusta and North Augusta, the urban heart of a five county region. The Plan provides direction on what this area can become and what it can provide for all the residents of the region.

The Master Plan is divided into action districts as noted to the right.

  • Hover over the district name, and the area on the map below will be highlighted.
  • Click on the District name to see specific projects identified in the Master Plan.
  • Click on the project name for more indepth information about each project.

One or more Market Creation Projects have been identified in each of the master plan districts. Market Creation Projects are high impact initiatives that can set a new direction for an area. Market Creation Projects are typically located adjacent to key resources and attributes such as water, transportation corridors, historical settings and cultural venues. The projects are aimed to make large and positive impacts on their areas. There are nine Market Creation Projects identified in this Master Plan.

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2009 Master Plan

Click on the links below to review the 2009 Master Plan. These PDF files are very large and may take some time to download.

Executive Summary | Final Report | Appendices | Master Plan Gallery